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Wendy Kelleher


The real estate world drew me in about 12 years ago (2006) after I had completed my doctorate in English Education and discovered that my dream of becoming a university professor wasn’t really the right fit for me at that point in my life. The economic downturn affected the university system in a way I hadn’t anticipated – “blood bath” is how I described that time in university funding and hiring. I had my sites on the Arizona State University English Education program, but soon realized that the time requirements, the low pay scale and the shortage of available professorships made my entry into that world all but impossible. Perhaps more importantly, at the same time, my eldest daughter gave birth to my first grandchild, and I quickly discovered that I needed a more flexible job with better pay so that I could take time off as necessary to be part of that grandchild’s life. A university professor doesn’t have the time or the income to do this. The world of real estate, however, seemed a much better fit.

Prior to completing my doctorate and teaching English Education students at ASU, I taught high school English and public speaking, and directed the theatre program for a high school of 500 + students. Prior to that I was a minister’s wife, working in a small church in Minot, North Dakota. Prior to that I grew up on a small North Dakota farm among 7 brothers and a sister,

Listing, selling and renting real estate requires the same skill sets used in my teaching and directing career, so I found myself well suited in both training and experience to smoothly transition into all aspects of residential real estate. My diverse high school and college classroom prepared me to work effectively with a broad variety of people’s personalities, cultures and backgrounds. Writing, arranging and presenting lesson plans is parallel to creating and executing a plan for new buyers or for listing a property. Negotiating, directing and coordinating a transaction are the same skills I used in my theatre program for producing plays. The life challenge of completing a doctorate gave me the confidence to work with all economic levels of buyers, sellers, and everyone involved in a typical real estate transaction.

My bottom line is that I enjoy people and prioritize generating positive energy. Talking to people, working with people, helping people, listening to people, interacting with people energizes me, both the positive and (occasional) negative. People need someone with positive energy to surround them when making one of the most important life decisions: buying and/or selling a home.That’s what sets me apart from other agents.