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I was drawn to real estate after seeing firsthand the relationships that can be built with clients via my parents’ success in the real estate career path. The lasting relationship that comes from providing knowledge and expertise in one of, if not the most challenging and stressful events in a person’s life, is what convinced me to get involved in real estate. Whether it’s the first home or the 20th, I strive to provide the peace of mind for my clients in the short term and long term. 

Graduating from a vocation high school in Massachusetts, I entered the workforce with an educational degree in metal fabrication and joining technologies. Working in shops in the metalworking industry on the east coast, I gained a considerable amount of knowledge working with my hands. I utilize that knowledge to see the gravity of repairs that would come up in the purchase of a home. After some time away from my home state, I opted to work in the oilfield of North Dakota. This venture not only strengthened this ability, but also gave new insight into preventative maintenance and proactive steps to decrease the chance of costly repairs. I also completed many forms for continued operation in the oilfield and through that process, I became very detail oriented in the paperwork I was completing to ensure all I’s were dotted and T’s crossed.

Through my education in Vocational high school and various career paths, I bring a special set of skills to every real estate transaction. First hand knowledge of renovations and repairs in many aspects of a home allow me to provide information that would be valuable in choosing the right one out of many homes. Detail oriented to notice even the smallest of blemishes or defects to save time and money before entering the inspection process of a home, and ultimately creating less stress. Also, the real estate contract has many small details that can add up quickly and increase stress as well as cost if missed. Items such as seller concessions, appliances that do or do not convey, and special contingencies that may come from the purchase or sale of a property just to name a few. It is my goal to prevent any unforeseen surprises before, during, and after the purchase process of a home.